About Us


Sterling Acres Farm is a small family homestead nestled in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. We own roughly 3.5 acres; mostly wooded. While we are small, we are efficient. By eating homegrown, homemade and buying local, we feel we're offering our children the best possible start in life and significantly reducing our carbon footprints.

We are currently offering our community delicious and fresh free-ranged chicken eggs for eating.

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Ian and Michelle Sterling 




About Our Herd


We breed miniature dairy goats; purebred and grade. Our main goal is to produce friendly, healthy and happy goats that do well in the milk pail and the NMGA show ring.

Our herd members are first and foremost, our family pets and they are very much loved. They are fed a well balanced diet of timothy/alfalfa mixed hay and a delicious homemade sweet feed mixed grain. The herd has free access to minerals and plenty of browse daily. They're given fresh, cold water several times a day.

We are always up to date on shots and care, including bi-weekly hoof trims. Our herd receives the utmost care possible, including frequent therapeutic visits from a certified Reiki Massage Therapist for their mental and physical well-being. We also have a trained Veterinarian Technician Student on the property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Rest assured, when buying from our herd, you are buying not only quality stock, but quality care and piece of mind. 

Current Farm Goals

  • Build New Barn Doors
  • Additional Buck Pen
  • New Siding for House
  • Build Separate Turkey Pen
  • Acquire New Chest Freezer
  • Hunting Licenses!

**Current Herd**

  • Sterling Acres Cedar
  • Sterling Acres Maple
  • Sterling Acres P Poplar
  • Sterling Acres P Sassafras
  • Sterling Acres P Birch

Previous Herd Residents

  • Phoenix Rising Farm MaskOfZoro
  • End of the Line Atreyu
  • P.B.N.J. Farm Ozzmosis
  • Enchanted Hill Crescent Moon
  • Enchanted Hill Cozette
  • Country Bumpkins FID Fionna
  • End of the Line Mia
  • Country Bumpkins FID Wynonna
  • OL' Country TWK Fantasia
  • Sterling Acres Calypso
  • Sterling Acres Lucy in the Sky
  • Sterling Acres Noel Noel
  • Sisters Three Princess Delpie
  • Jomoca Chk Ping Pong
  • Jomoca Chk Salt & Pepper
  • Sterling Acres Z Cornelia Marie
  • Sterling Acres Z Time Bandit