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Farm News and Events

New Ladies for Cedar! 

This afternoon, we welcomed the last remaining does to our small herd. We are now a closed herd and will shortly begin our disease testing. All animals were purchased from clean and healthy herds.

Poplar and Birch originated from another dairy breeder. Sassafras comes from AGS registered show stock, although we will not be carrying over the paperwork.

All does will be bred as soon as they come into their next heat. All will be registered with the NMGA. We are excited for the possibility of offering late spring babies! Be sure to hop on the waiting list if you are interested.



Welcome A New Herd!

After a two year health hiatus that required us to sell all 20 of our beloved goats, we've acquired a small new herd.

Our current plans are to keep it simple. Instead of offering kids that are triple registered through NMGA, AGS and ADGA, we will only be offering NMGA registered animals.

Since we are starting with barely mature animals, we will not have kids available until next autumn. Please welcome Willow, Maple and Cedar to our farm! 




The New Chicken House!

Several years ago, we decided to make the journey into homesteading. We house hunted with a vengeance to find something we could really use. We stumbled upon this little gem in the mountains and we were instantly sold. I tell you this because we love it here. It may not be large, but it's ours and it's home. When we purchased the homestead, we renovated an existing storage shed to house our family's chickens. Since those early beginnings, we've increased the flock size and have started offering our delicious free-ranged eggs to our local community. The supply and demand required additional chickens, which required additional room. A larger hen house has been on the waiting list of projects for quite some time, but now it's a reality and is currently housing 40 chickens comfortably! They couldn't be happier with their new beautiful home. It's equipped with 6 ventilation windows, a popdoor and an egg hatch. It's pretty fancy ;)

Current Farm Goals

  • Build New Barn Doors
  • Additional Buck Pen
  • New Siding for House
  • Build Separate Turkey Pen
  • Acquire New Chest Freezer
  • Hunting Licenses!

**Current Herd**

  • Sterling Acres Cedar
  • Sterling Acres Maple
  • Sterling Acres P Poplar
  • Sterling Acres P Sassafras
  • Sterling Acres P Birch

Previous Herd Residents

  • Phoenix Rising Farm MaskOfZoro
  • End of the Line Atreyu
  • P.B.N.J. Farm Ozzmosis
  • Enchanted Hill Crescent Moon
  • Enchanted Hill Cozette
  • Country Bumpkins FID Fionna
  • End of the Line Mia
  • Country Bumpkins FID Wynonna
  • OL' Country TWK Fantasia
  • Sterling Acres Calypso
  • Sterling Acres Lucy in the Sky
  • Sterling Acres Noel Noel
  • Sisters Three Princess Delpie
  • Jomoca Chk Ping Pong
  • Jomoca Chk Salt & Pepper
  • Sterling Acres Z Cornelia Marie
  • Sterling Acres Z Time Bandit