Senior Does


Sterling Acres P Sassafras  --  Date of Birth: April 2012

Sassafras comes from AGS registered purebred Nigerian Dwarf stock, however, we did not carry over paperwork. She is light gold and white. She has brown eyes. She is not disbudded. Sassy is NMGA Registered: # 480D


Sterling Acres P Poplar  --  Date of Birth: May 2012

Poplar is purebred Nigerian Dwarf. She is solid black with extensive white overlay. She has brown eyes. She is not disbudded. Poppy is NMGA Registered: # 482D


Sterling Acres P Birch -- Date of Birth: May 2012

Birch is purebred Nigerian Dwarf. She's solid white with black trim on her face and socks. She has brown eyes. She is not disbudded. B is NMGA Registered: # 481D 


Junior Does


Sterling Acres Maple - Date of Birth: July 2013


Maple is purebred Nigerian Dwarf. She is buckskin with white overlay on her face. She has blue eyes. She is not disbudded. Maple is NMGA Registered: # 483D







Current Farm Goals

  • Build New Barn Doors
  • Additional Buck Pen
  • New Siding for House
  • Build Separate Turkey Pen
  • Acquire New Chest Freezer
  • Hunting Licenses!

**Current Herd**

  • Sterling Acres Cedar
  • Sterling Acres Maple
  • Sterling Acres P Poplar
  • Sterling Acres P Sassafras
  • Sterling Acres P Birch

Previous Herd Residents

  • Phoenix Rising Farm MaskOfZoro
  • End of the Line Atreyu
  • P.B.N.J. Farm Ozzmosis
  • Enchanted Hill Crescent Moon
  • Enchanted Hill Cozette
  • Country Bumpkins FID Fionna
  • End of the Line Mia
  • Country Bumpkins FID Wynonna
  • OL' Country TWK Fantasia
  • Sterling Acres Calypso
  • Sterling Acres Lucy in the Sky
  • Sterling Acres Noel Noel
  • Sisters Three Princess Delpie
  • Jomoca Chk Ping Pong
  • Jomoca Chk Salt & Pepper
  • Sterling Acres Z Cornelia Marie
  • Sterling Acres Z Time Bandit