Free Ranged Chicken Eggs


Our hens are happy, healthy and friendly. They have access to 5+ acres of pesticide-free land, including an apple orchard and a wild huckleberry briar. We feed them a locally grown grain mixture sparingly. Free-ranged eggs are proven to have better health benefits! Including: 

  • 1/3 less cholesterol
  • 1/4 less saturated fat
  • 2/3 more vitamin A
  • Two times more omega-3 fatty acids
  • Three times more vitamin E
  • Seven times more beta carotene

For more information regarding the health benefits of free-ranged eggs, see here.

We *do not* pre-wash our eggs. This leaves the natural layer of bloom on the egg, allowing you to keep them longer (not recommended to accede 7-8 weeks of storage).

Our eggs come in assorted colors and sizes (your dozen may or may not include- brown, green, blue, white). Rest assured, the shell color does not effect the taste.

1 Dozen Eggs = $3 per dozen.




Dairy Goats - Adults & Kids


We periodically offer goats for sale. Please keep in mind breeding schedules prohibit us from producing kids more than once a year, per doe. See our schedule for details.


Adults - None Available At This Time


Kids- None Available At This Time

Current Farm Goals

  • Build New Barn Doors
  • Additional Buck Pen
  • New Siding for House
  • Build Separate Turkey Pen
  • Acquire New Chest Freezer
  • Hunting Licenses!

**Current Herd**

  • Sterling Acres Cedar
  • Sterling Acres Maple
  • Sterling Acres P Poplar
  • Sterling Acres P Sassafras
  • Sterling Acres P Birch

Previous Herd Residents

  • Phoenix Rising Farm MaskOfZoro
  • End of the Line Atreyu
  • P.B.N.J. Farm Ozzmosis
  • Enchanted Hill Crescent Moon
  • Enchanted Hill Cozette
  • Country Bumpkins FID Fionna
  • End of the Line Mia
  • Country Bumpkins FID Wynonna
  • OL' Country TWK Fantasia
  • Sterling Acres Calypso
  • Sterling Acres Lucy in the Sky
  • Sterling Acres Noel Noel
  • Sisters Three Princess Delpie
  • Jomoca Chk Ping Pong
  • Jomoca Chk Salt & Pepper
  • Sterling Acres Z Cornelia Marie
  • Sterling Acres Z Time Bandit